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Cedar Fence Company, located in Illinois, stands out as a distinguished provider of fencing solutions, known for its commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction. Operating in a region with diverse architectural styles and varied landscape designs, the company has established itself as a leader in the fencing industry, catering to both residential and commercial clients. This article explores the key aspects of Cedar Fence Company, including its services, approach to quality, customer service, and its role in the local community.Services Offered by Cedar Fence Company
Cedar Fence Company specializes in designing, manufacturing, and installing a wide range of fencing products. The heart of their offerings lies in cedar wood fences, renowned for their natural beauty, durability, and resistance to weather elements. The company provides an array of styles including privacy fences, picket fences, and shadow box fences, each customizable to meet the unique needs and preferences of their clients. Beyond cedar fences, they also offer vinyl, aluminum, and wrought iron fencing solutions, catering to clients seeking different aesthetics or functional requirements.
Quality and Craftsmanship
The hallmark of Cedar Fence Company's success is its unwavering commitment to quality. They source high-grade cedar wood, known for its longevity and natural resistance to rot and insects. The wood's natural oils provide a distinctive aroma and a rich texture that ages gracefully, blending seamlessly with the natural environment. Their craftsmanship is evident in the meticulous attention to detail, precise cuts, and expert installation. Each project is approached with a blend of traditional carpentry techniques and modern technology, ensuring a perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.
Customer-Centric Approach
Understanding that a fence is not just a boundary but a significant part of a home's or business's exterior, Cedar Fence Company places a strong emphasis on customer service. Their process begins with a thorough consultation to understand the client's vision, requirements, and budget. They offer personalized recommendations, ensuring that each client receives a fencing solution that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Post-installation, the company provides maintenance tips and is readily available for any follow-up services or repairs, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction beyond the initial installation.
Community and Environmental Responsibility
Operating in Illinois, Cedar Fence Company is deeply rooted in the local community. They engage in various community service projects, contributing to public spaces and local schools, reflecting their commitment to giving back. Environmental responsibility is another cornerstone of their operations. We source our cedar wood from the mountains of America. Cedar wood, being a sustainable and biodegradable material, underlines their dedication to eco-friendly practices. The company also ensures that its sourcing and manufacturing processes align with environmental conservation standards.
Cedar Fence Company of Illinois
In summary, Cedar Fence Company in Illinois exemplifies excellence in the fencing industry. With a focus on high-quality cedar wood products, expert craftsmanship, and a customer-first approach, they have carved a niche for themselves in the market. Their commitment to community involvement and environmental sustainability further enhances their reputation as a responsible and trustworthy company. Whether for a residential property or a commercial establishment, Cedar Fence Company offers tailored solutions that combine beauty, durability, and functionality, making them a preferred choice for fencing needs in Illinois.


Chain Link Fence Company Illinois

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are one of our most popular fencing options. They are incredibly affordable, provide excellent security, and can last a lifetime. Modern chain link fences will enhance the appearance of your property. Due to their lower cost, they are also ideal for larger-scale projects. If you would like to learn more about our chain link fences for your home or business, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cedar Fence Company Illinois

Cedar Fence

Illinois Fence Company also offers a wide range of cedar fence options that will protect your home while enhancing your landscape’s appearance. Our cedar fencing comes in a variety of styles and designs. We offer picket fences, post & rail, vertical board fences, and a wide range of other styles. Cedar fences can be stained or painted to add to the visual aesthetic of your property as well.

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Aluminum fencing is one of our most durable and long-lasting fencing options. Aluminum fences are perfect for any commercial or residential use. They come in countless styles and designs that will accent and enhance the appearance of your property. Our aluminum fences are incredibly versatile and are affordable compared to many other fencing materials. An aluminum fence won’t rust, doesn’t need staining, and is a great value for your money.

Vinyl Fence Company Schaumburg

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A new vinyl fence can transform the appearance of your property while providing excellent privacy and security. Vinyl fences are incredibly versatile and come in a wide range of designs and styles that will meet your needs. From privacy fences to picket fences, we have a vinyl fence that will be perfect for your property. If you’ve been thinking of upgrading to a vinyl fence, our team is ready for the job.

Cedar Fence Company


Cedar Fence Company, serving clients throughout Illinois, is a reputable business specializing in the installation and maintenance of cedar fences. Recognized for their expertise and quality service, they offer a comprehensive range of services that cater to both residential and commercial properties. This article delves into the various aspects of their services, highlighting the unique features of cedar wood, the installation process, and the additional services that make Cedar Fence Company a preferred choice in the region.Cedar Wood: The Material of Choice
Central to Cedar Fence Company’s offerings is the use of cedar wood, a material highly prized for its durability, natural beauty, and resistance to weather and pests. Cedar mountain fence wood contains natural oils that make it resistant to decay, warping, and insect damage, making it an ideal material for outdoor fencing. Its rich texture and color, which ages to a distinguished silvery-gray patina, add a warm and natural aesthetic to any property.
Custom Design and Installation
Cedar Fence Company excels in customizing fences to suit the specific needs and preferences of their clients. Their services begin with a detailed consultation to understand the client's vision, property layout, and specific requirements. Based on this, the company offers a variety of design options, ranging from traditional picket fences to more contemporary privacy fences. The installation process is handled by skilled professionals who ensure that every fence is built to the highest standards of quality and durability.
Additional Services
In addition to installation, Cedar Fence Company provides a suite of related services to ensure the longevity and beauty of their fences. These include:
1. Staining and Sealing: To maintain the cedar wood's appearance and durability, the company offers professional staining and sealing services. This not only enhances the wood's natural color but also provides an additional layer of protection against the elements.2. Repair and Maintenance: Over time, any fence may require repairs or maintenance. Cedar Fence Company offers these services, ensuring that any issues like loose boards or wear and tear are promptly addressed.3. Custom Gates and Accessories: For clients seeking a comprehensive fencing solution, the company also designs and installs custom gates and accessories, such as post caps and decorative elements, that complement the cedar fencing.4. Consultation on Local Regulations: Understanding and adhering to local zoning laws and regulations is crucial. The company assists clients in navigating these requirements, ensuring that all fencing installations are compliant.Serving Illinois Communities
Cedar Fence Company's commitment to quality and customer service has made them a trusted name in communities across Illinois. They understand the local climate and environmental conditions, tailoring their services to meet these specific challenges. By combining traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques, they ensure that each fence is not only aesthetically pleasing but also structurally sound and long-lasting.
Cedar Fence Company in Illinois provides a full spectrum of services related to cedar fence installation. Their commitment to using high-quality materials, coupled with expert design and installation services, ensures that clients receive fences that are not only beautiful but also durable and functional. With additional services like staining, repairs, and customizations, Cedar Fence Company stands as a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to enhance their property with a cedar fence.


The team at Cedar Fence Company is available today to provide fast, affordable, and reliable fence installation, maintenance, and repair services. Based in Schaumburg, IL, we provide professional fencing services at amazing prices. We can install all types of fencing for your home or business. Some of our most popular fencing styles include chain link fence, vinyl fence, cedar fence, aluminum fence, and composite fence. All our fences are incredibly durable and built to last. We also offer deck-building services. We can design and build the deck of your dreams. If you would like to learn more about the services we offer, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team to schedule a free consultation.CALL US AT
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What Kind Of Fence Is Best For Your Yard?

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A fence around your property can improve your home's privacy, security, and curb appeal. The majority of fences are constructed to offer a barrier between congested dwellings and passing traffic, while others are meant to provide an extra level of security between a property and the outside world. Many of them are also intended to keep dogs contained.Many factors must be considered when selecting which design of fence is most suited to your home and your needs. To make things easier for you, we've produced a comprehensive list of everything you need to know about choosing the greatest fence for your property at the best price.Fence InstallationBefore you can decide how large your fence should be or what materials should be utilized to build it, you must first establish what you want it to do.If you live in a tiny location or on a busy street, you may simply want a fence to separate your property from the rest of your neighbors' view of you. PVC/vinyl and wood are also fantastic building materials to consider if you want to build a fence for privacy reasons.Provide security: While any type of fence can act as a barrier between your home and the outside world, those made of aluminum or wrought iron offer a higher level of security than those made of other materials.Keep Your Pets Safe: With the right fence, you can easily keep your pets in your yard (and maybe other animals out). It must be high enough that your pet cannot jump over or climb it, and it must be built in such a way that there are no openings or gaps through which they could escape. Aluminum and PVC/vinyl are two of the most often used containment fencing materials.Take note that the majority of fences offer both solitude and protection. Having a fencing installation specialist inspect your property will assist you in determining the right size and kind of fence for your yard and needs.Is it better to do it yourself or employ an expert?Many homeowners are able to install basic fencing on their own. However, due to time constraints and the physical demands of the job, you may want to hire a professional to do the process.A DIY installation can save you a lot of money, but it also puts you at risk of making mistakes. Correcting those mistakes afterwards may be more expensive than employing a professional in the first place.Hiring an experienced contractor for large-scale privacy or security fence installations is your best bet. Furthermore, he or she is more likely to provide high-quality outcomes and finish the task on time. Before making a decision, interview at least three pros and obtain a documented price quote before the construction process begins.Before constructing any fence, check local, county, and state codes to ensure that your structure complies with the rules. It is possible that further approvals will be needed for development.Fencing MaterialsYou may realize that you prefer certain fencing materials over others based on your needs, personal preferences, and financial limits. When choosing a building material, there are pros and disadvantages to consider, just as there are with any construction task.

__ Wood fencing__ offers greater security and seclusion than many other materials, but it is also more expensive. The average cost to install a wood fence is $6,750, according to HomeAdvisor's True Cost Guide*.The type of wood utilized has a big impact on your bottom line. Pressure-treated pine is a popular and reasonably priced option. If you utilize tropical woods like cedar, redwood, or other exotic species, you should expect to pay a lot more for your building materials.The downside of wood fences in compared to other materials is that they require more ongoing maintenance. Many homeowners apply a weather seal to their fences on a yearly basis to help the fence last longer. Request a free, no-obligation estimate for the installation of a wood fence.__ Chain-link fencing__ is a low-cost alternative that is popular among pet owners. It is a cost-effective and efficient technique of controlling animals, although it is not the most aesthetically pleasing alternative.If curb appeal isn't your top priority, chain-link fencing can be the best solution for you. It is effective, long-lasting, and requires little to no maintenance over a lengthy period of time. The average homeowner spends $2,060 to install a chain-link fence. Request a free, no-obligation quote for the installation of a chain-link fence.__ Vinyl fencing__ is a popular alternative to traditional wood or metal rail fences because it is long-lasting and weather resistant. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)/vinyl: Vinyl fencing is a popular alternative to traditional wood or metal rail fences because it is long-lasting and weather resistant. When properly maintained, a vinyl fence can last up to ten years with little to no additional upkeep.The disadvantage of vinyl fencing is that the initial installation cost is usually higher than that of other types of fencing material. According to Home Advisor, the average cost of erecting a PVC/vinyl fence is $3,590. Request a free, no-obligation estimate for the installation of your vinyl fence.Aluminum and steel are two long-lasting fencing materials that are both strong and visually appealing. The average homeowner will spend $3,660 on the installation of an aluminum or steel fence.__ Aluminum fencing__ comes in a variety of styles and is especially well-suited to damp, humid, or oceanside situations. Despite its resistance to pressure from large dogs or lively children, it is not recommended as a security fence or a barrier against attackers due to its vulnerability to pressure.__ Steel__ is the most durable fence material available, making it perfect for usage in desert and inland settings. Steel fencing, on the other hand, necessitates ongoing maintenance, such as sanding and repainting to prevent rust from forming on the surface. Get a no-obligation quote on your aluminum or steel fence today.__ Wrought iron__ fencing is aesthetically beautiful but does not give much privacy, yet it is a fantastic alternative for boosting your home's security while preserving its aesthetic appeal. According to Home Advisor, the average cost of installing a wrought iron fence is $2,690. Although it is more expensive than other types of fencing, it is a long-lasting option that requires no maintenance. Request a free, no-obligation quote for the installation of your wrought iron fence.__ Electric fencing__ is becoming an increasingly popular option for pet owners who want to keep their animals under control. Furthermore, while an electric fence is more discrete and less expensive than a physical barrier, it is not always successful in keeping dogs contained.Aside from that, electric fences do not keep other animals out of your yard and do not work in the event of a power loss. Homeowners should check the voltage on a regular basis to ensure that everything is in functioning order.

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